Personalised Nutrition

Personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations are based on detailed history taking, evidenced based information and innovative testing.

  • Would you like to optimise your energy levels?
  • Would you like to work on your daily nutrient intake?
  • Are you feeling generally unwell but there is no medical diagnosis?
  • Would you like to work on healthy aging?
  • Would you like to optimise your performance at work or as an athlete?

Food can provide the nutrients to promote health and wellbeing while the lack of nutrients can contribute to disease. As a result, our dietary and lifestyle choices are now understood to contribute to how our body responds to our genetic predispositions. Personalised Nutritional Therapy uses different tools and a detailed approach to assessing your nutrient needs and can be used to support health, address chronic conditions or to achieve optimal performance. Nutritional Therapy is a recognised complimentary therapy and is not a substitute to replace medical care. Therefore, we work with the medical profession and provide evidenced based recommendations.

We can work with you to help support the following areas of health:

  • Digestive health
  • Immune support
  • Mental or physical performance
  • Blood sugar balance
  • Stress management through diet and lifestyle changes
  • Understanding your nutrient intake and deficiencies
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What to expect from a personalised nutrition programme

2 hour consultationAttend a 2-hour initial consultation for assessment and creation of initial nutritional therapy plan

Tests BioHealthTake recommended tests, where appropriate so we can understand some of your potential biochemical imbalances or nutritional needs

Nutrition Plan BioHealthReceive your personalised nutritional therapy plan which will be reviewed in an agreed time frame.

With chronic health conditions, it can take a long time to develop and so it can take a number of sessions, over a period of a number of months, as we work with you on your journey of restoring balance and improving health’.


We use scientifically researched biochemical, nutritional and functional testing from reputable laboratories used by qualified practitioners. Testing is not obligatory, but may significantly help target the most effective recommendations to support you and gain a greater understanding of root cause of health conditions. Test results together with a detailed analysis of your health and diet history forms the basis for personalised nutritional recommendations. We may also recommend tests with your GP.

Some examples of functional testing used: 

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Expert coaching to empower individuals to make positive changes.

  • Do you need some direction in your life?
  • Would you like some clarity on your goals?
  • Are you thinking about making some changes in your life and need help?
  • Do you have something that you feel is holding you back?

Coaching aims to unlock an individual’s potential by assisting them to set goals for certain areas in their lives and facilitate the path to reaching these goals. The underlying idea is that we already have all the resources we need but they may simply be shrouded by certain beliefs or values that influence our thinking or behaviour. A coach assists people in exploring these beliefs or values and equips them with tools to make the desired changes. This is different to therapy where the therapist may view their client as unwell.

A coach is forward looking, collaborative, viewing the client as whole and having all the resources they need. This distinction sends a really positive message: “I am doing well but there may be a way to figure out how I could do some things differently and feel more successful, feel better or generally live a more fulfilling life”.

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