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Rachel Garnett MSc, BA (Hons)

Executive Health Coach

"Understanding what you truly want and the reasons behind it can be a great motivator, however sometimes it frustratingly appears not to be enough, especially when making long term life altering changes, such as those experienced along the nutritional therapy journey. Through being given the space to explore your goals, any potential barriers, habits, beliefs and mindset inhibitors can be identified and worked through, leaving you free to achieve health, happiness and well-being success. Together we can create a personalised coaching programme to perfectly align with your nutrition plan. I believe in your ability, and would love to help you become the best version of you."

Rachel attained her NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Practitioner Certificate receiving comments from the assessor of "outstanding". Since then has worked as a coach supporting both those undertaking health and wellbeing transitions and those within the executive field. Rachel has innate knowledge of both. Since qualifying as a criminal solicitor, she has successfully become self-employed, and achieved her MSc in Personalised Nutrition having completed her research dissertation on how the intrinsic physiological safeguards to control anxiety can be disrupted by other parts of the brain, the gut, and nutrition status. Rachel thereafter completed the Nutritional Therapy Practice Diploma with distinction, enabling her to be a Registered Nutritional Therapist with both BANT and CNHC.

In continual development and learning Rachel is currently undertaking the corporate recognised ILM Level 7 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring Executives.

Rachel also currently works as a Module Leader on the BSc Nutrition Science and the post graduate diploma at the well-regarded Higher Education nutrition institute CNELM. Rachel sees these roles as an opportunity to help support and coach students as they gain knowledge, experience and confidence. She also supervises and supports students during their first nutritional therapy consultation endeavours.

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"You helped me to untangle my thoughts by making me focus, asking me questions and challenging my answers, which helped me change my mindset. Also you've given me some really good tools that I love." - Lisa, Lancashire, May 2018

Rachel is a member of the following professional bodies:

  • Association of Coaching (AC)
  • Association of Neuro-linguistic Programming (ANLP)
  • Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
  • British Association for Applied Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT)
  • Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) - student member
  • Solicitor Regulation Authority (previously the Law Society) (SRA)
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