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Biohealth Clinic a cooperative clinic that operates in London, Berkshire and Edinburgh.

Our team have trained together using the functional medicine model of nutritional therapy during the last five years and use the most recent evidenced based practice to create a programme for your optimal health.

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Functional Medicine Nutrition

The Functional Medicine (FM) model was developed by bio-scientists and medical doctors almost 30 years ago and is used by doctors and nutritional therapists worldwide. It is based on the understanding that not only genetics but also diet, environmental toxins and lifestyle choices can have an accumulative effect over the years which may result in the development of disease. Rather than addressing symptoms we look at root causes of symptoms and by identifying the complexities and imbalances in your health concerns, we can give recommendations that are specific to you.


Functional Medicine operates on these basic principles:

  1. While we share the same physiological make up, we are all unique individuals with different ways that we react and respond to our environment.
  2. By understanding that the body has interlinking body systems we can start to observe the root causes of imbalances in our health.
  3. By adjusting our nutrient intake and lifestyle choices, we can start to address these root causes.
  4. Our ancestry, genetics and a lifetime of diet and lifestyle choices can have an accumulative effect resulting in certain health concerns. In the same way our present health choices can affect our future. We would like to help guide you on your life choices.

Meet the team

Mémé Watanabe BSc (Hons)

Personalised Nutrition, Dietary Education, Coaching

Understanding a clients' health and nutritional status is a window into the complexity of the human body and the possibility to understand how small changes at root cause can have a domino like effect that can create positive change in health.

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Antje Kicinski BioHealth

Viktoria Vamosi

Personalised Nutrition, Dietary Education, Coaching

I believe that health underpins everything and food is the most powerful medicine on the planet. I believe that the inherent power of good nutrition can be your greatest asset to your health and wellness journey.

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Nigel Fawthrop BioHealth

Caroline Haigh MA (Hons)

Nutrition Chef

A love of cooking, a passion for healthy ingredients, years of suffering from IBS and an inherent belief in the power of food inspired Caroline to broaden her knowledge and study for a Diploma in Applied Nutrition with the SANO School of Culinary Medicine.

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Antje Kicinski BioHealth

Rachel Garnett MSc, BA (Hons)

Executive Health Coach

Rachel attained her NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Practitioner Certificate receiving comments from the assessor of "outstanding". Since then has worked as a coach supporting both those undertaking health and wellbeing transitions and those within the executive field.

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Our Referral Network


Mark Brayne and Jutta are registered psychotherapists with the UKCP and also train practitioners in EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (link). Their work focuses on individuals with trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety and relationship difficulties. Although they are not themselves taking on further clients at this time, their website has an extensive referral network of certified practitioners: https://braynework.com/

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