Personalised Nutrition
and Coaching

Our highly qualified team create evidence-based diet and lifestyle recommendations to help you make better choices for improved health.


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Personalised Nutrition

Personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations are based on detailed history taking, evidenced based information and innovative testing.

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Coaching aims to unlock an individual’s potential by assisting them to set goals for certain areas in their lives and facilitate the path to reaching these goals.

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About us

Helping you to improve you health

Biohealth Clinic is a successful integrative health clinic using the latest scientific research to create efficient and effective evidence-based recommendations for the health and wellbeing of every client.

Our team is committed to providing the highest level of diet and lifestyle recommendations with clarity and care towards the individual’s needs in order to help clients make better choices for improved health.

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BioHealth Clinic | Personalised Nutrition for Optimal Health

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